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Atwater Ambulance Service

109 Pleasant Ave W, Atwater, MN, 56209

Phone: 320-974-8000

Cosmos Ambulance

233 Milky Way St S, Cosmos, MN, 56228

Phone: 320-877-7345
Fax: 320-877-7678

Gold Cross Ambulance of Litchfield

911 E Ripley St, Litchfield, MN, 55355

Phone: 320-693-9396

Gold Cross Ambulance of Little Falls

111 5th St SE, Little Falls, MN, 56345

Phone: 320-632-6644

Gold Cross Ambulance of Saint Cloud

2800 7th St N, St. Cloud, MN, 56303

Phone: 320-251-8505
Fax: 954-525-7007

Jackson City Ambulance

309 Sheridan St, Jackson, MN, 56143

Phone: 507-847-5306
Fax: 507-847-3264

Lakefield Ambulance Service

206 Broadway Ave, Lakefield, MN, 56150

Phone: 507-662-5148

Meds-1 Ambulance Service

1328 NW 5th St, Grand Rapids, MN, 55744

Phone: 218-326-0020
Fax: 218-326-1402

Morgan City Ambulance

405 Frnt St, Morgan, MN, 56266

Phone: 507-249-3455

North Ambulance of Redwood Falls

614 S Mill St, Redwood Falls, MN, 56283

Phone: 507-637-5055
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North Memorial Ambulance of Brainerd

416 Charles St, Brainerd, MN, 56401

Phone: 218-829-8767

Olivia Ambulance Service

1001 W Lincoln Ave, Olivia, MN, 56277

Phone: 320-523-1161
Fax: 320-523-1232

Sleepy Eye Ambulance Service

130 2nd Ave NW, Sleepy Eye, MN, 56085

Phone: 507-794-3116

Sleepy Eye Ambulance Service

400 4th Ave NW, Sleepy Eye, MN, 56085

Phone: 507-794-5161

Springfield Ambulance

18 N Marshall Ave, Springfield, MN, 56087

Phone: 507-723-3523

A & A Medical Transport Ambulance of Topeka

135 NW Harrison St, Topeka, KS, 66603

Phone: 785-233-8212
Fax: 281-332-6442

Ambulance Service of Neosho

629 S Plummer Ave, Chanute, KS, 66720

Phone: 620-431-6020

Coffey County Transportation Ambulance

520 Cross St, Burlington, KS, 66839

Phone: 620-364-1935

Humboldt Ambulance Service

701 Brg St, Humboldt, KS, 66748

Phone: 620-473-2818
Fax: 620-473-2133

Independence Ambulance Service

120 N 6th St, Independence, KS, 67301

Phone: 620-332-2500

Jackson County EMS Ambulance of Holton

300 W 4th St, Holton, KS, 66436

Phone: 785-364-1911
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Jefferson County Ambulance Service of Meriden

107 N Miller St, Meriden, KS, 66512

Phone: 785-484-2701

Neodesha Ambulance Service

112 S 4th St, Neodesha, KS, 66757

Phone: 620-325-2642
Fax: 620-325-5018

Osage County EMS Ambulance

509 N 9th St, Osage, KS, 66523

Phone: 785-528-1139

Pottawatomie County EMS Ambulance

101 E Lasley St, St. Marys, KS, 66536

Phone: 785-437-6911

Topeka Air Ambulance

6700 SW Topeka Boulevard, Topeka, KS, 66619

Phone: 785-862-5433
Fax: 785-862-6519

Transcare of Kansas Ambulance

113 W 2nd St, Chanute, KS, 66720

Phone: 620-431-6300
Fax: 620-431-6301

Mayes Emergency Ambulance Service

Redden, Pryor, OK, 74361

Phone: 918-825-6825
Fax: 918-825-6234

Cherokee Youth Emergency Service Ambulance

1231 W Cedar Loop, Cherokee, IA, 51012

Phone: 712-225-5777
Fax: 712-225-3722

Council Bluffs Ambulance Service

200 S 4th St, Council Bluffs, IA, 51503

Phone: 712-328-4672
Fax: 712-328-4916

Council Bluffs Ambulance Service

227 S 6th St, Council Bluffs, IA, 51501

Phone: 712-328-5737

Danbury Ambulance Service

201 Main St, Danbury, IA, 51019

Phone: 712-893-0031
Fax: 712-893-5000
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Medivac Ambulance-Rescue Service of Harlan

812 Cyclone Ave, Harlan, IA, 51537

Phone: 712-755-3800
Fax: 712-755-7151

Atchison County Emergency Management Ambulance

472 Rainbow Dr, Rock Port, MO, 64482

Phone: 660-744-6308
Fax: 660-744-6345

Air Ambulance of Omaha

100 S 19th St, Omaha, NE, 68102

Phone: 402-341-2672

Ambulance Midwest Medical Transport

1010 Ft Crook Rd S, Bellevue, NE, 68005

Phone: 402-292-2292

Nebraska City Rescue Service Ambulance

1409 Central Ave, Nebraska, NE, 68410

Phone: 402-873-3444
Fax: 402-873-5191

Pro Med Ambulance of Falls City

1820 Towle St, Falls, NE, 68355

Phone: 402-245-4422

Rural/Metro Ambulance of Omaha

4420 Izard St, Omaha, NE, 68132

Phone: 402-346-9191

Youth Emergency Services Ambulance

919 Lincoln Boulevard, Omaha, NE, 68131

Phone: 402-614-4388
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About Ambulances

Ambulance services are overseen and regulated by the County; there are both private companies and public sector (911) services. The County ensures that the ambulance companies to provide services in most areas of the cities and county must adhere to uniform standards. Some fire departments handle their own transportation. When someone places a 911 call, the dispatcher contacts the ambulance company responsible for the zone in which the patient is located.

Ambulances are required to arrive at their destination no more than 8 minutes and 59 seconds from the time they are dispatched by 911. 

Ambulances go to the closest hospital best geared for the treatment being sought.  Not each hospital is created equal for emergency care.

Accident victims are taken to hospitals best suited to treat trauma. Other patients go to designated hospitals that treat stroke victims, heart attacks and children. Cases that don't fall into any of these four areas are taken to the closest hospital with a licensed emergency room.

The basic emergency ambulance transport is about $1,000 to $1,100. The cost is more like $1,200 to $1,300 for a transport that requires advanced life support. Included is the cost for paramedics and the ambulance ride itself. However, companies can charge extra for mileage, supplies and equipment.

Both Medicare and private insurance generally cover the cost of ambulance rides — as long as they are deemed medically necessary. Medicare pays 80% of an approved amount and patients pay the remaining 20%. Private health plans must cover emergency care, which includes ambulance transportation. But exactly how much is covered differs among policies.

County residents without insurance, county residents with insurance co-pays and county residents whose insurers refuse to pay for transport are not responsible for ambulance transport fees; their local tax dollars are considered payment toward the fee.

The law also prohibits the transportation of more than one patient in one ambulance vehicle, but again provides for exceptions. That section does not apply where a contract between the ambulance company and the County specifically provides otherwise or where a Fire Chief with territorial jurisdiction instructs otherwise. One example is where ambulances, in an emergency situation, are being used to evacuate stretcher-bound patients or those using wheelchairs.

Private ground ambulances are inspected annually by the County for compliance with safety and sanitation requirements of State statutes.