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Adopt a Golden Birmingham

PO Box 361753, Birmingham, AL

Phone: 205-290-7788

Alabama Angels Dog Rescue

1293 County Rd 812, Wedowee, AL

Phone: 770-712-4521

Alabama Animal Adoption Society

2808 Crescent Ave, Birmingham, AL

Phone: 205-871-6351

Alabama Animal Rescue

45 Hunters Trce, Pelham, AL

Phone: 205-621-2157

Alabama Boxer Rescue and Adoption, Inc.

103 Chattahoochee Dr, Montgomery, AL

Phone: 334-272-2590

Alabama Equine Rescue

PO Box 517, Odenville, AL

Phone: 205-680-1862

Albertville Animal Hospital: Trapp Ellen DVM

530 Alabama 75, Albertville, AL

Phone: 256-878-5321

Andalusia Animal Shelter

101 Coliseum Ave, Andalusia, AL

Phone: 334-222-8705

Andalusia Area Humane Society

1906 E 3 Notch St, Andalusia, AL

Phone: 334-222-8142

Animal Outreach of Fayette County

83 County Rd 140, Fayette, AL

Phone: 205-932-9205
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Animal Shelter of Pell City

1071 Airport Rd, Pell, AL

Phone: 205-814-1567

Animal Shelters

1201 Parkwood Dr, Anniston, AL

Phone: 256-236-1581

Anniston Animal Control

1200 Gurnee Ave, Anniston, AL

Phone: 256-238-1800

Ark Inc Shelter

139 Bo Cole Rd NW, Huntsville, AL

Phone: 256-851-4088

Athens Limestone Humane Society

PO Box 725, Athens, AL

Phone: 256-233-4021

Atmore Animal Shelter

206 Cindebran Dr, Atmore, AL

Phone: 251-368-0859

Baldwin County Humane Society

22886 U.S. 98, Fairhope, AL

Phone: 251-928-4585

Barbour County Humane Society

99 Gilchrist Rd, Clayton, AL

Phone: 334-775-7477

Bessemer Humane Society

1230 15th Ave N, Bessemer, AL

Phone: 205-425-0610

Boykin Spaniel Rescue

366 Lk Shr Dr, Shelby, AL

Phone: 205-669-0580
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Boykin Spaniel Rescue

94 Sunrise Dr, Eufaula, AL

Phone: 334-687-4950

Bullock County Humane Society

5809 Hyde Park Dr, Montgomery, AL

Phone: 334-738-2432

Butler County Humane Society

PO Box 264, Greenville, AL

Phone: 334-210-7600

C.H.A.R.M., Inc.

PO Box 216, Headland, AL

Phone: 334-693-9097

CARAA at Arab Animal Shelter

PO Box 522, Arab, AL

Phone: 256-738-0272

Cat Welfare Society

4317 Fair Oaks Dr, Birmingham, AL

Phone: 205-879-2728

Central Alabama Animal Shelter

3274 County Rd 81, Valley Grande, AL

Phone: 334-872-5683

Chattahoochee Humane Society

3265 Fairfax Byp, Valley, AL

Phone: 334-756-9377

Chihuahua-Toy Breed Rescue & Retirement

6145 County Rd 28, La Fayette, AL

Phone: 334-864-0453

Chilton County Humane Society

139 Shade Tree Dr, Clanton, AL

Phone: 205-755-9170
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Circle of Friends

4 S Bancroft St, Fairhope, AL

Phone: 334-928-0750

Colbert County Animal Control

5010 Missouri St, Tuscumbia, AL

Phone: 256-381-4073

Conecuh County Humane Society

154 Liberty Hl Pl, Evergreen, AL

Phone: 251-578-3046

Coosa Valley Humane Society

PO Box 1090, Sylacauga, AL

Crossing Paths Animal Rescue

PO Box 304, Locust Fork, AL

Phone: 205-681-4501

Cullman City Animal Shelter

935 Convent Rd NE, Cullman, AL

Phone: 256-734-5448

Dale County Humane Society

202 Highway 123, Ozark, AL

Phone: 334-774-6025

Dekalb County SPCA

PO Box 653, Fort Payne, AL

Phone: 256-845-9463

Demopolis Animal Control

809 E Jackson St, Demopolis, AL

Phone: 334-287-2769

Dirty Sallys Pet Pals

2390 Grimsley Rd, Gordon, AL

Phone: 334-522-3132
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About Animal Shelters

An animal shelter or pound is a place where stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered animals, mostly dogs and cats, and sometimes sick or wounded wildlife are kept and rehabilitated. Animal shelters offices offer a variety of low-cost services for pets residing in the County: rabies vaccinations, annual vaccine packages, microchipping and more!

Please note, all pets surrendered to Animal Care & Control must be current on vaccinations (this is for the health and safety of the pet). Proof of vaccinations is required. For pets not current on vaccines, they can be brought to the shelter for this service; pet owners will then need to take the pet home for 14 days to allow the vaccines time to take effect before surrendering.

Shelters generally take in all sorts of animals (not just pets depending on local restrictions) and are almost always full. Because a big number of animal shelters take in all sorts of animals, they can have a problem keeping all of them and this often ends with the shelter having to euthanize animals rather than set them loose to fend on their own. Of course people who run or work in shelters do not want this to happen and some have no-kill policies in place but sometimes, letting the animal be put to sleep is the best option for the homeless animal and the community. This is the reason why shelter animals are typically seen as having their days numbered because in many instances, that can really be true.

Animal Shelter Pros

Animals are housed in the shelter’s facility so you’ll have a chance to see available animals for adoption. Processing time for adoption is usually shorter and have fewer requirements as compared to adopting from an animal rescue (Do your due diligence about your shelter if you have any questions). There is an easier way to interact with a future pet since some shelters provide a meeting area or playroom for you to meet and be acquainted with an animal you like. A majority of shelters treat their animal’s minor health conditions… And would also deworm plus spay and neuter before letting the animal be ready for adoption. This means that you will save a considerable amount on vet fees.

Animal Shelter Cons

Some animal shelters may be in a hurry to get you to take the pet home. This can have negative results depending on your and the pet’s needs and personality. Keep in mind that shelters have very limited space and they would always need new space to house other animals. Some animals in the shelter have no known history whatsoever. Another possible issue is that since animals have a short turn-around time in most shelters, the staff and volunteers may not really know enough about the animal to gauge whether it will be a good fit with you. Private shelters may have a lot of requirements and fees before letting you adopt or take home a pet. For some people, a minimal fee can be a con despite the fee being considerably cheaper than to bringing an intact pet to a vet for spaying and neutering. Shelter animals are often not on their best behavior because a shelter can be a very scary place for an animal who is not used to being in a confined space with other animals (this also applies even to the most well run shelters). For this reason, you might miss opting for a great pet just because the animal was scared when you met it.