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Bedford County Auditor

200 S Juliana St, Bedford, PA

Phone: 814-623-4803
Fax: 814-623-0991

Carlton Auditor

94 Jacobs Rd, Carlton, PA

Phone: 814-425-1499

Clinton County Auditor

232 E Main St, Lock Haven, PA

Phone: 570-893-4011
Fax: 570-893-4149

Cochranton Auditor

143 Sara Ln, Cochranton, PA

Phone: 814-425-3087

Deer Creek Township Auditor

620 Georgetown Rd, Hadley, PA

Phone: 724-253-2361

Delaware Township Auditor

20 Shipton Ln, Fredonia, PA

Phone: 724-475-4480

Fairview Township Auditor

288 Coolspring Rd, Mercer, PA

Phone: 724-475-2817

Fairview Township Auditor

1554 Perry Highway, Fredonia, PA

Phone: 724-475-4960

Indiana County Auditor

825 Philadelphia St, Indiana, PA

Phone: 724-465-3966

Jefferson County Auditor

Ste 100, 200 Main St, PA

Phone: 814-849-1645
Fax: 804-746-4146
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Lake Township Auditor

106 Gander Ln, Stoneboro, PA

Phone: 724-376-3887

Meadville County Auditor

903 Diamond Park Sq, Meadville, PA

Phone: 814-333-7327

Millcreek Township Auditor

726 Klein Rd, Sandy Lake, PA

Phone: 724-376-3960

New Vernon Township Auditor

547 Carpenter Rd, Stoneboro, PA

Phone: 724-253-2359

Pennsylvania Auditor

101 Penn Ave, Scranton, PA

Phone: 570-963-4575

Pennsylvania Auditor

300 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: 412-565-5020

Pennsylvania State Auditor

712 Strawberry St, Harrisburg, PA

Phone: 717-787-2653

Perry County Auditor

851 Fredonia Rd, Hadley, PA

Phone: 724-253-4507

Pike County Auditor

107 W High St, Milford, PA

Phone: 570-296-3460

Pittsburgh Auditor

300 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: 412-565-7501
Fax: 412-565-5772
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Reading Auditor

815 Washington St, Reading, PA

Phone: 610-655-6103
Fax: 610-655-6427

Salem Township Auditor

390 Osborn Rd, Greenville, PA

Phone: 724-253-2566

Sandy Lake Auditor

32 N Reeds Furnace Rd, Sandy Lake, PA

Phone: 724-376-3434

Sandy Lake Township Auditor

310 Parker Rd, Stoneboro, PA

Phone: 724-376-2584

Sandy Lake Township Auditor

139 Cole Rd, Sandy Lake, PA

Phone: 724-376-4135

Somerset County Auditor

Ste 310, 300 N Center Ave, PA

Phone: 814-445-1530
Fax: 814-445-1592
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About Auditors

The County Auditor plays the vital role of Fiscal Officer of the County with oversight responsibility of all financial books and records of all county offices. By law the Auditor has oversight of all financial books and records of all officers of the County and is charged with administering the budget.

County government was created as it was determined that it needed a system of checks and balances so as to ensure no one branch of government would be without accountability in complying with the State’s statutes. 

County Auditor is responsible for the following duties: 
•    Prepares and administers accounting records for all county funds 
•    Audits the records and accounts of the various county departments 
•    Administers the county budget as approved by the Commissioners Court 
•    Forecasts financial data for budgetary formulation purposes 
•    Payroll processing 

Other duties or functions that could be delegated to the County Auditor include: 

o    Treasury 
o    Budget Officer 
o    Investment Officer 
o    Human Resources 
o    Purchasing 
o    Information technology officer

Not only do County Auditors provide oversight for the public but County Auditors are expected to also assist in ensuring that the State’s counties are able to meet the increasing demands of fiscal accountability in the future. 

County Auditors at times walk a narrow path and have a duty to work professionally with each and every elected official and department head and together strive for good county government today and for a better county government in the future.