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MRI Centers are facilities where doctors send their patents if they want to know more details about an ailment or injury. You will need a referral from your physician requesting the scan procedure be performed. 

An MRI Scan (magnetic resonance imaging) is a painless technique that allows doctors to look at the soft tissues of the body. It is used to gather important information about your brain, spine, joints or other internal organs. It helps study nerves, muscles, ligaments, bones, and other tissues. These studies are used to evaluate the possible presence injuries to these areas. MRI’s use magnetic fields and radio waves to obtain incredibly detailed images of the human body.  MRI can allow your physician the opportunity for early detection of disease or injuries so proper treatment may be started as soon as possible.

During the scan, you lie on a table that slides inside a tunnel-shaped machine. The scan takes awhile and you must stay still. The scan is painless but it makes a lot of noise. The technician may offer you earplugs.

Before you get a scan, tell your doctor if you
•    Are pregnant
•    Have pieces of metal in your body. You might have metal in your body if you have a shrapnel or bullet injury or if you are a welder.
•    Have metal or electronic devices in your body, such as a cardiac pacemaker or a metal artificial joint
The exam usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes. If your doctor orders your MRI exam with contrast, the exam may take longer to complete.

Once the scan is complete, the attending radiologist will interpret the scans and write a detailed diagnosis their findings and send them to your referring doctor for follow-up treatment. 

Most MRIs are covered by health insurance.