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Allied Trailers Aviation Department

9425 Jet Ln, Easton, MD

Phone: 410-822-4076

Aviation Administration Baltimore


Phone: 410-859-7060

Aviation Section Easton

9385 Jet Ln, Easton, MD

Phone: 410-820-7836

Baltimore FSDO

890 Airport Park Rd, Glen Burnie, MD

Phone: 410-787-0040

Kraemer Aviation Service Germantown

21520 Blunt Rd, Germantown, MD

Phone: 240-631-9035
Fax: 240-631-9036

Maryland State Aviation Administration

991 Corporate Blvd, Linthicum, MD

Phone: 410-859-7550

Maryland State Police Aviation Division

3023 Strawberry Pt Rd, Middle River, MD

Phone: 410-238-5800
Fax: 410-238-5809
District Of Columbia

US Government FAA Washington

800 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC

Phone: 202-267-7463
West Virginia

Aviation Division West Virginia State

502 Eagle Mtain Rd, Charleston, WV

Phone: 304-558-0403

FAA Beaver

176 Airport Rd, Beaver, WV

Phone: 304-252-6216
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US FAA Bridgeport

2300 Aviation Way, Bridgeport, WV

Phone: 304-842-3724

US FAA Wheeling

8283 WHEELING, Wheeling, WV

Phone: 304-277-1838

US FAA Williamstown

100 Airport Rd, Williamstown, WV

Phone: 304-464-4200

US Faa Vortac Shenandoah Junction

2119 Rdg Rd, Shenandoah Junction, WV

Phone: 304-876-6360

Amvest Aviation Department

3852 Dickerson Rd, Charlottesville, VA

Phone: 434-973-2485

Federal Aviation Administration Roanoke

5354 Aviation Dr NW, Roanoke, VA

Phone: 540-265-2290

US FAA Front Royal

16596 SKYLINE Dr, Front Royal, VA

Phone: 540-635-5940

Virginia Beach Police Aviation

2685 Leroy Rd, Virginia Beach, VA

Phone: 757-427-4831

Virginia State Aviation Frontiers International

2187 Jubal Early Highway, Boones Mill, VA

Phone: 540-719-0881

Virginia State Department Of Aviation

5702 Gulfstream Rd, Richmond, VA

Phone: 804-236-3631
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Virginia State Police Aviation Unit

7411 Airfield Dr, Richmond, VA

Phone: 804-743-2229

Allegheny County Aviation Department

41 Macek Dr, Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: 412-472-8006

Allentown FSDO

961 Marcon Boulevard, Allentown, PA

Phone: 610-264-2888
Fax: 610-264-3179

Federal Aviation Administration Camp Hill

3905 Hartzdale Dr, Camp Hill, PA

Phone: 717-730-2832

Federal Aviation Administration Martinsburg

266 Airport Entrance Rd, Martinsburg, PA

Phone: 814-793-5700

Federal Aviation Etters

WILLIS Rd, Goldsboro, PA

Phone: 717-938-8685

Police Aviation Department Montoursville

570 S Loyalsock Ave, Montoursville, PA

Phone: 570-368-5712

US FAA Harrisburg

228 Walnut St, Harrisburg, PA

Phone: 717-782-2200
Fax: 732-388-8942

US FAA Reading

2405 Bernville Rd, Reading, PA

Phone: 610-374-8039

Delaware State Police Aviation

4 Troopers Way, Middletown, DE

Phone: 302-378-5785

Federal Aviation Administration New Castle

1 Drba Way, New Castle, DE

Phone: 302-324-0265
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North Carolina

Federal Aviation Administration Morrisville

1000 Sawyer Cir, Morrisville, NC

Phone: 919-380-3145

US Federal Aviation Agency Cofield

406 Farmers Chemical Rd, Cofield, NC

Phone: 252-358-4741
New Jersey

Army National Guard Aviation Ewing

152 Scotch Rd, Ewing, NJ

Phone: 609-530-4251
Fax: 609-530-6571

Us Federal Aviation Agency Teterboro

225 Fred Wehran Dr, Teterboro, NJ

Phone: 201-288-1889
Fax: 201-288-3636
New York

General Aviation Services and Pilot Data Chemung County

320 E Market St, Elmira, NY

Phone: 607-737-2927

New York State Police Aviation

1005 1st St, New Windsor, NY

Phone: 845-564-7360

US FAA Johnson City

2488 Airport Rd, Johnson City, NY

Phone: 607-729-0232

US Federal Aviation Administration Jamaica

15930 Rockaway Boulevard, Jamaica, NY

Phone: 718-553-3002

US FAA Belmont

42671 Belmont Ctrville Rd, Belmont, OH

Phone: 740-686-2332
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About Aviation Departments

The Aviation Department are responsible for the safety of civil aviation. All regional and local departments are bound by the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 which created the agency under the name Federal Aviation Agency. Here are a list of duties:

•    Safety Regulation - issue and enforce regulations and minimum standards covering manufacturing, operating, and maintaining aircraft. We certify airmen and airports that serve air carriers.
•    Airspace and Air Traffic Management -  safe and efficient use of navigable airspace is one of our primary objectives. We operate a network of airport towers, air route traffic control centers, and flight service stations. We develop air traffic rules, assign the use of airspace, and control air traffic.
•    Air Navigation Facilities - build or install visual and electronic aids to air navigation. We maintain, operate, and assure the quality of these facilities. We also sustain other systems to support air navigation and air traffic control, including voice and data communications equipment, radar facilities, computer systems, and visual display equipment at flight service stations.
•    Civil Aviation Abroad - promote aviation safety and encourage civil aviation abroad. We exchange aeronautical information with foreign authorities; certify foreign repair shops, airmen, and mechanics; provide technical aid and training; negotiate bilateral airworthiness agreements with other countries; and take part in international conferences.
•    Commercial Space Transportation - regulate and encourage the U.S. commercial space transportation industry. We license commercial space launch facilities and private launches of space payloads on expendable launch vehicles.
•    Research, Engineering, and Development - research on and develop the systems and procedures we need for a safe and efficient system of air navigation and air traffic control. We help develop better aircraft, engines, and equipment and test or evaluate aviation systems, devices, materials, and procedures. We also do aeromedical research.
•    Other Programs - register aircraft and record documents reflecting title or interest in aircraft and their parts. We administer an aviation insurance program, develop specifications for aeronautical charts, and publish information on airways, airport services, and other technical subjects in aeronautics.
•    Organization - An Administrator manages FAA, assisted by a Deputy Administrator. Five Associate Administrators report to the Administrator and direct the line-of-business organizations that carry out the agency's principle functions. The Chief Counsel and nine Assistant Administrators also report to the Administrator. The Assistant Administrators oversee other key programs.