Calvert County Historical Society

30 Church St, Prince Frederick, MD, 20678

Phone: 410-535-2800
Fax: 410-535-1770
Category: Historical Society
State: Maryland

The Historical Society (or preservation society) is an organization dedicated to preserving, collecting, researching, and interpreting historical information or items. Originally, these societies were created as a way to help future generations understand their heritage. 

Most often the initiative comes from a small group of five or six enthusiasts, who are motivated to action by any number of events: saving an old building from destruction, celebrating a centennial, writing a local history, or acquiring historical materials and documents from defunct organization or, a historical society may be organized because a group of individuals wish to come together to study and appreciate the history of their community.  The Society has officers, committee members and dozens of volunteers conducting a variety of programs and fundraisers. Its budget is provided by member dues, program income, grants, an annual appeal, and fundraisers.