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Aberdeen Commissioner

60 N Parke St, Aberdeen, MD

Phone: 410-272-2222
Fax: 410-273-7402

Calvert County Commissioner

841 Solomons Is Rd N, Prince Frederick, MD

Phone: 410-535-2160

Caroline County Commissioner

109 Market St, Denton, MD

Phone: 410-479-0660
Fax: 410-479-4060

Caroline County Commissioner

411 Franklin St, Denton, MD

Phone: 410-479-3451

Carroll County Commissioner

225 N Ctr St, Westminster, MD

Phone: 410-386-2043
Fax: 864-225-5194

Cecil County Commissioner

200 Chesapeake Boulevard, Elkton, MD

Phone: 410-658-4041

Charleston Commissioner

241 Market St, Charlestown, MD

Phone: 410-287-6173

Delmar Commissioner

100 S Pennsylvania Ave, Delmar, MD

Phone: 410-896-2777
Fax: 410-896-9055

Denton City Commissioner

13 N 3rd St, Denton, MD

Phone: 410-479-2050
Fax: 410-479-3534

District Heights Commissioner

2000 Marbury Dr, District Heights, MD

Phone: 301-336-1402
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Frederick County Commissioner

12 E Church St, Frederick, MD

Phone: 301-600-1100

Greensboro Town Commissioner

111 N Main St, Greensboro, MD

Phone: 410-482-6222

Kent County Commissioner

400 High St, Chestertown, MD

Phone: 410-778-4600
Fax: 410-778-7482

Leonardtown Commissioner

41660 Court House Dr, Leonardtown, MD

Phone: 301-475-9791

New Windsor City Commissioner

404 Hlside Dr, New Windsor, MD

Phone: 410-635-3139

Oxford Town Commissioner

101 Market St, Oxford, MD

Phone: 410-226-5122
Fax: 410-226-5597

Preston Town Commissioner

105 Back Landing Rd, Preston, MD

Phone: 410-673-7929

Queenstown Commissioner

7013 Main St, Queenstown, MD

Phone: 410-827-7646

Ridgely Commissioner

2 Central Ave, Ridgely, MD

Phone: 410-634-2177

Secretary Town Commissioner

3723 Greenpoint Rd, East New Market, MD

Phone: 410-943-3824
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Secretary Town Commissioner

122 MAIN St, Secretary, MD

Phone: 410-943-3113
Fax: 410-943-3926

St Michaels City Commissioner

300 Mill St, St. Michaels, MD

Phone: 410-745-9535

Washington County Commissioner

148 W Washington St, Hagerstown, MD

Phone: 301-797-4591

Amelia County Commissioner

# 102, 16360 Dunn St, VA

Phone: 804-561-2158

Frederick County Commissioner

107 N Kent St, Winchester, VA

Phone: 540-665-5681
Fax: 540-667-6487

Madison County Commissioner

1809 N Main St, Madison, VA

Phone: 540-948-4421

Virginia State Commissioner

1220 Bank St, Richmond, VA

Phone: 804-786-5025

Bedford County Commissioner

200 S Juliana St, Bedford, PA

Phone: 814-623-4807
Fax: 814-623-0991

Center County Commissioner

355 Benner Rd, Bellefonte, PA

Phone: 814-355-6700

Chester County Commissioner

2 N High St, West Chester, PA

Phone: 610-344-6100

Fulton County Commissioner

116 W Market St, McConnellsburg, PA

Phone: 717-485-3691
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Huntingdon County Commissioner

233 Penn St, Huntingdon, PA

Phone: 814-643-1450

Juniata County Commissioner

119 N Main St, Mifflintown, PA

Phone: 717-436-2843

Manheim Township Commissioner

1558 Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA

Phone: 717-299-5968

Mifflin County Commissioner

20 N Wayne St, Lewistown, PA

Phone: 717-248-9800
Fax: 717-248-6733

Pottsgrove Township Commissioner

980 Grosstown Rd, Stowe, PA

Phone: 610-323-7717
Fax: 610-323-4124

Somerset Commissioner

300 N Ctr Ave, Somerset, PA

Phone: 814-443-1434
Fax: 814-445-7991

York County Commissioner

28 E Market St, York, PA

Phone: 717-771-9964

Delaware Commissioner

820 N French St, Wilmington, DE

Phone: 302-577-3119
Fax: 302-577-3057

Delaware State Commissioner

400 Court St, Dover, DE

Phone: 302-672-1033
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About Commissioners

The board of commissioners is the oldest form of county government in the US and is still very common. In a county commission form of government, a body of elected commissioners serves both the executive and the legislative duties, meaning they enact local ordinances and administer them. They approve budgets, oversee spending and hire county employees. The commission usually consists of three to five officials. In some states, they are known as supervisors.

The commissioners are responsible to the voters, but their duties are defined and controlled by the state constitution and state statutes. Their actions can be overturned by state courts. Some department heads, such as sheriff, clerk, treasurer and coroner, are elected rather than appointed by the commissioners.

When many counties were still rural, the duties of the board of commissioners were limited. They kept vital records, assessed property, administered elections and maintained roads. With the spread of suburbs, many counties grew in population and began offering a far wider range of services. It is not unusual today for a board of commissioners to oversee consumer protection, economic development, planning, environmental quality and social welfare programs.

Other duties that the board of commissioners may be responsible for or oversee include:

Issuing bonds Managing county parks Collecting and disposing of trash Managing pensions for county employees Assuring water quality Administering courts and jails Collecting property and sales taxes

In recent decades, government reform movements have criticized the commission form of county government for not having a single chief executive in charge. Some counties have moved to one of two related forms of government in an effort to solve the issue:

Commission-administrator: The elected commissioners appoint a separate professional administrator who carries out policies, hires and fires employees, and prepares a budget for the commission's approval. Council-executive: Voters elect one person as county executive along with a council that serves as the county legislative body. In some areas, the executive can veto laws enacted by the council and exercise other executive powers.