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American Department of Education

1680 Duke St, Alexandria, VA, 22314

Phone: 703-838-6722
Fax: 703-549-6719

Arlington County Department of Education

1426 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA, 22207

Phone: 703-228-6015

Baltimore County Department of Education

105 N Union St, Alexandria, VA, 22314

Phone: 410-887-4334

Braxton County Department of Education

Main St, Manassas, VA, 20110

Phone: 304-765-7101

Falls Church Essex County Department of Education

8115 Gatehouse Rd, Falls Church, VA, 22042

Phone: 804-443-4366
Fax: 804-443-4498

Hamilton West Virginia Department of Education

54 S Kerr St, Hamilton, VA, 20158

Phone: 304-257-1011
Fax: 304-257-2453

Huntsville WV Department of Education

1216 Jeff Ryan Dr, Herndon, VA, 20170

Phone: 304-824-3033

Manassas Park Madison County Department of Education

1 Park Ctr Court, Manassas Park, VA, 20111

Phone: 850-973-5013

Nellenbach For Department of Education

24 Century Dr, Alexandria, VA, 22304

Phone: 703-799-2210

Ravenna Pg County Department of Education

20772 Scranton Court, Herndon, VA, 20170

Phone: 301-627-5013
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Ruston Lincoln County Department of Education

25523 Arizona Ave, Woodbridge, VA, 22191

Phone: 304-824-3040

South Bound Brook Norfolk Department of Education

125 Madison St, Alexandria, VA, 22314

Phone: 757-531-3000

St Ann's Religious Department of Education

5300 10th St N, Arlington, VA, 22205

Phone: 703-528-6199

Virginia Department of Education

4727 Fidelity Court, Annandale, VA, 22003

Phone: 434-295-8722
Fax: 434-295-8785

Walker County Education Department

Robert Walker Pl, Arlington, VA, 22207

Phone: 706-375-9831

West Virginia Department of Education

5691 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA, 22041

Phone: 304-346-0571
Fax: 304-346-0572

Wood County Department of Education

1000 Brkhaven Dr, McLean, VA, 22101

Phone: 304-420-2446

Doddridge County Department of Education

26456 Woodruff Court, Germantown, MD, 20874

Phone: 304-873-2300
Fax: 304-624-5223

Frederick Alabama Department of Education

33 Thomas Johnson Dr, Frederick, MD, 21702

Phone: 205-231-5634

Jefferson Anne Arundel County Department of Education

320 E S St, Frederick, MD, 21701

Phone: 410-437-2400

Logan County Department of Education

25508 Frederick Rd, Clarksburg, MD, 20871

Phone: 304-855-6625
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Marietta WV Department of Education

25043 Kemp Mill Rd, Silver Spring, MD, 20902

Phone: 304-587-4266
Fax: 304-587-4181

Meriden Department of Education

Mtain Br Court, Bethesda, MD, 20817

Phone: 203-237-0602

National Indian Department of Education

119 Albany Ave E, Walkersville, MD, 21793

Phone: 406-883-3603

Rehabilitation Services Division of Maryland State Department of Education

2730 University Boulevard W, Silver Spring, MD, 20902

Phone: 301-949-3750
Fax: 301-949-5876

Saddle Brook Putnam County Department of Education

1 Mayhill Court, Gaithersburg, MD, 20879

Phone: 304-586-0500
Fax: 304-586-0553

Vernon Rockville Taylor County Department of Education

30 Mt Vernon Pl, Rockville, MD, 20852

Phone: 304-265-4044
District Of Columbia

Carencro King George County Department of Education

4301 University Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20016

Phone: 540-775-9220

Danville City Department of Education

1436 U St NW, Washington, DC, 20009

Phone: 434-797-1635

Lunenburg County Department of Education

501 8th St NW, Washington, DC, 20004

Phone: 434-676-2467

Norton New York State Department of Education

618 New York Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20001

Phone: 518-783-0200
Fax: 907-336-1962
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UDC - Department of Education

4200 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20008

Phone: 202-274-7404

United States Department of Education

1990 K St NW, Washington, DC, 20006

Phone: 202-296-4242


400 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC, 20024

Phone: 202-401-2000

Washington Saint Tammany Parish Department of Education

1322 14th St NW, Washington, DC, 20005

Phone: 985-898-3311
Fax: 641-357-2091

Washington US Department of Education

550 12th St SW, Washington, DC, 20024

Phone: 202-245-6700
West Virginia

Hudson Department of Education

51 Flowing Springs Rd, Charles Town, WV, 25414

Phone: 330-653-1270

Millville MC Dowell County Department of Education

7th St, Shenandoah Junction, WV, 25442

Phone: 304-436-3306

Preston County Department of Education

122 E 6th Ave, Ranson, WV, 25438

Phone: 304-329-0580
Fax: 304-624-5223

Runnemede Richmond County Department of Education

505 W 3rd Ave, Ranson, WV, 25438

Phone: 804-333-3681
Fax: 804-333-5586
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About Department of Educations

County offices of education provide services to school districts statewide. 

The county superintendent is responsible for examining and approving school district budgets and expenditures. Sate law gives the county superintendents additional powers to enforce sound budgeting to ensure the fiscal integrity of the district. The superintendent is also responsible for calling school district elections and assisting with school district emergencies by providing necessary services.

County offices of education support school districts by performing tasks that can be done more efficiently and economically at the county level. County offices provide or help formulate new curricula, staff development and training programs, and instructional procedures; design business and personnel systems; and perform many other services to meet changing needs and requirements. When economic or technical conditions make county or regional services most appropriate for students, county offices provide a wide range of services, including special and vocational education, programs for youths at risk of failure, and instruction in juvenile detention facilities.

In addition, several statutes now give county offices of education responsibility for monitoring districts for adequate textbooks, facilities, and teacher qualifications.