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Charles City County Commonwealth's Attorney

PO Box 95, Charles City, VA

Phone: 804-652-2178

Harrisonburg County Commonwealth's Attorney

53 Court Sq, Harrisonburg, VA

Phone: 540-564-3130
Fax: 540-564-3096

Hopewell County Commonwealth's Attorney

100 E Broadway Rm 252, Hopewell, VA

Phone: 804-541-2255
Fax: 804-541-2338

Chaffee County District Attorney

PO Box 699, Salida, CO

Phone: 719-539-3563
Fax: 719-539-3565

Delta County District Attorney

501 Palmer St, Delta, CO

Phone: 970-874-2085
Fax: 970-874-5530

Kit Carson County District Attorney

251 16th St, Burlington, CO

Phone: 719-346-5524
Fax: 719-346-7805

Lincoln County District Attorney

PO Box 307, Hugo, CO

Phone: 719-743-2223
Fax: 719-743-2198

Montrose County District Attorney

1200 N Grand Ave, Montrose, CO

Phone: 970-252-4300

Siskiyou County District Attorney

311 4th St, Yreka, CA

Phone: 530-842-8125

Sonoma County District Attorney

600 Administration Dr, Santa Rosa, CA

Phone: 707-565-2311
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Tehama County District Attorney

444 Oak St, Red Bluff, CA

Phone: 530-527-3053
Fax: 530-527-4735

Ventura County District Attorney

800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura, CA

Phone: 805-654-2500

Adams County Prosecuting Attorney

112 S 2nd St, Decatur, IN

Phone: 260-724-5338
Fax: 260-724-5342

Cass County Prosecuting Attorney

200 Court Park, Logansport, IN

Phone: 574-753-7790

Dubois County Prosecuting Attorney

602 Main St, Jasper, IN

Phone: 812-482-5725
Fax: 812-482-5736

Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney

301 S Main St, Elkhart, IN

Phone: 574-296-1888
Fax: 574-296-1889

Floyd County Prosecuting Attorney

311 Hauss Sq, New Albany, IN

Phone: 812-948-5422
Fax: 812-948-5492

Gibson County Prosecuting Attorney

225 N Hart St, Princeton, IN

Phone: 812-385-5497
Fax: 812-386-7710

Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney

128 N Cullen St, Rensselaer, IN

Phone: 219-866-5321

Knox County Prosecuting Attorney

102 N 7th St, Vincennes, IN

Phone: 812-885-2531
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Laporte County Prosecuting Attorney

809 State St, La Porte, IN

Phone: 219-326-6808

Marshall County Prosecuting Attorney

112 W Jefferson St, Plymouth, IN

Phone: 574-935-8666

Noble County Prosecuting Attorney

109 N York St, Albion, IN

Phone: 260-636-2193

Reno County District Attorney

206 W 1st Ave, Hutchinson, KS

Phone: 620-694-2715
Fax: 620-694-2711

Rice County District Attorney

101 W Commercial St, Lyons, KS

Phone: 620-257-3081
Fax: 620-257-3078

Stevens County District Attorney

200 E 6th St, Hugoton, KS

Phone: 620-544-4684
Fax: 620-544-2403

Wallace County District Attorney

PO Box 8, Sharon Springs, KS

Phone: 620-376-4325
Fax: 620-376-2325

Wyandotte County District Attorney

710 N 7th St, Kansas, KS

Phone: 913-573-2851
Fax: 913-573-2948

Anderson County District Attorney

216 S Main St, Lawrenceburg, KY

Phone: 502-839-5164
Fax: 502-859-0100

Bath County District Attorney

100 N Court St, Owingsville, KY

Phone: 606-674-2454
Fax: 606-674-2259
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Boyle County District Attorney

321 W Main St, Danville, KY

Phone: 859-238-1121

Breckinridge County District Attorney

PO Box 232, Hardinsburg, KY

Phone: 270-756-2791
Fax: 270-756-5459

Allegan County Prosecuting Attorney

113 Chestnut St, Allegan, MI

Phone: 269-673-0280
Fax: 269-673-0599

Delta County Prosecuting Attorney

310 Ludington St, Escanaba, MI

Phone: 906-789-5115
Fax: 906-789-5149

Emmet County Prosecuting Attorney

200 Division St, Petoskey, MI

Phone: 231-348-1725
Fax: 231-348-0686

Frederick County State Attorney

100 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD

Phone: 301-600-1523
Fax: 301-600-2195

Howard County State Attorney

3451 Court House Dr, Ellicott City, MD

Phone: 410-313-3100
Fax: 410-313-3144

Montgomery County State Attorney

50 Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD

Phone: 240-777-7300
Fax: 240-777-7413

Office of State's Attorney

309 E Main St, Salisbury, MD

Phone: 410-548-4880
Fax: 410-860-2425

Worcester County State Attorney

106 Franklin St, Snow Hill, MD

Phone: 410-632-2177
Fax: 410-632-2175
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About State Attorney - District Attorneys

A states attorney or district attorney is an elected or appointed public official of a county or designated district whose duties are governed by state law. The district attorney manages the office if the prosecutor, investigates alleged crimes in conjunction with law enforcement, and file criminal charges or bringing evidence before the Grand Jury.

Specific duties may include the following:

To attend on the grand juries, advise them in relation to matters of law, and examine and swear witnesses before them. To draw up all indictments and to prosecute all indictable offenses. To prosecute and defend any civil action in the circuit court in the prosecution or defense of which the state is interested. To inquire whether registers have kept accurate required record books. If a criminal prosecution is removed from a court of his or her circuit, county, or division of a county to a court of the United States, to appear in that court and represent the state; and, if it is impracticable, consistent with his or her other duties, to attend that court, he or she may designate and appoint an attorney practicing therein to appear for and represent the state. To attend each special session of the circuit court held for the trial of persons charged with criminal offenses. To perform other duties and exercise other powers as are or may be required by law. To give every county official an opinion in writing on all matters connected with their respective offices, except in civil actions against official bonds. But county commissions may retain or employ attorneys when it is deemed advisable or necessary, and the agreed compensation to them may be paid as are claims to grand and petit jurors. To, whenever requested to do so by the Governor or by the Board of Pardons and Paroles, make a full and thorough investigation in each case arising in their circuit, county, or division of a county, and fully report their findings, with recommendations that pardon or parole be granted or refused, and they shall assign fully and in detail their reasons for the recommendations. To go to any place in the state and prosecute any case or cases, or work with any grand jury, when called upon to do so by the Attorney General or the Governor, and to attend sessions of courts and transact all of the duties of the district attorney in the courts whenever called upon by the Attorney General or the Governor to do so. All district attorneys and all full-time assistant district attorneys shall devote their entire time to the discharge of the duties of their respective offices, and each and every one of the officers are prohibited from practicing law, directly or indirectly, in any court of this state or of the United States, or in any other manner or form whatsoever, except in the discharge of the official duties of their offices. To carefully read and check the record on appeal in all criminal cases appealed from the circuit court of their judicial circuit to the Court of Criminal Appeals or the Supreme Court of the state, and call to the attention of the trial judge any errors or discrepancies that may appear in the record. To, whenever requested by the Attorney General, file memorandum briefs in all criminal cases appealed from the circuit court of their judicial circuits to the Court of Criminal Appeals or the Supreme Court of the state. To attend all hearings in their judicial circuits on any application for probation and furnish the trial judge or the judge hearing the application with all information in their possession concerning the applicant for probation. To represent the board of registrars of the county or counties comprising their judicial circuits in all civil actions for damages that are filed against the boards of registrars arising out of the performance of their official duties, in either the circuit court of their judicial circuits or in the United States district courts. To attend all clemency hearings before the Governor of the state, in all cases arising in their judicial circuits, and furnish to the Governor, at those hearings, all pertinent information in their possession concerning the applicant or applicants for clemency. To attend all hearings in their respective judicial circuits for revocation of probation and furnish the trial judge, or the judge hearing the revocation, with all information in their possession concerning the case. To, at any time the grand jury is not in session, issue subpoenas to persons to come before them, and they shall have power to administer oaths to those persons and examine them as to any violation of the criminal laws of the state. To make application to the courts to place witnesses in criminal cases under bond for their appearance in court when they have information that the witnesses are about to leave the state. To, when requested to do so, represent the chief of police of any municipality in their respective judicial circuits in all habeas corpus proceedings filed in the circuit courts of their respective judicial circuits. To, when requested to do so by the Attorney General, assist the Attorney General in the prosecution of all impeachment proceedings which it is his or her duty to institute before a court involving any official or officials in their respective judicial circuits. To report to the State Board of Medical Examiners the name and address of any physician who is indicted or otherwise charged with any felony or any misdemeanor related to the practice of medicine.