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A+ Medical Professionals On Call

10875 Main St, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone: 703-273-8818

Advance Home Health Care

21135 Whitfield Pl, Suite #206, VA, 20165

Phone: 703-421-2273

Advanced Senior Care Services

4 Wrightwood Pl Sterling, VA Sterling, VA, 20164

Phone: 703-430-8468

Allegiance Home Care

101 E Holly, Suite 4, VA, 20164

Phone: 703-615-1974

Allegiance Home Care

24430 Mlstream Dr, Aldie, VA, 20105

Phone: 703-539-6029

American Pediatric Consultants

4437 Brkfield Corporate Dr, Suite 203, VA, 20151

Phone: 703-560-4930

Atcap Home Health Care Services,LLC

4229 Lafayette Ctr Dr Suit 1300D, Chantilly, VA, 20151

Phone: 703-967-1099

Best Homecare Solutions C/O Global Link Resources

46242 Milthorn Ter, Sterling, VA, 20165

Phone: 703-786-9012

Capitol Home Infusion

14016A Sullyfield Cir, Chantilly, VA, 20151

Phone: 703-802-1300

Caring Nurses Advocates For Patients

10875 MAIN STREET SUITE 201, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone: 571-432-0230
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Caring Nurses Advocates for Patients

2531 Lkvale Dr, Vienna, VA, 22181

Phone: 703-319-2289

Caring Nurses Applicants for Patients

2369 Albot Rd, Reston, VA, 20191

Phone: 703-476-4447

Cascades Home Health Care

44081 Pipeline Plaza. Ste 105, Ashburn, VA, 20147

Phone: 703-953-2400

Cheerway Care

PO Box 650962, Sterling, VA, 20165

Phone: 703-282-9844

Classic Caregivers

Serving Nern Virginia, Clifton, VA, 20124

Phone: 877-201-4579

Coram Alternate Site Services

4115 Pleasant Valley Rd, Suite 600, VA, 20151

Phone: 800-547-5505

Diamond Home Health Care

12359 Sunrise Valley Dr - Ste 310, Reston, VA, 20191

Phone: 703-379-1008

Dynamic Home Health Care

14101 Willard Rd Ste F, Chantilly, VA, 20151

Phone: 703-263-9192

Elite Home Health Care LLC

4229 Lafayette Ctr Dr Ste 1300G, Chantilly, VA, 20151

Phone: 703-972-2805

Evercare Hospice

4000 Legato Rd, Suite 1100, VA, 22033

Phone: 703-896-7700
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Falcons Landing Johnson Center at Falcons Land

20535 Earhart Pl, Sterling, VA, 20165

Phone: 703-404-5201

Five Star Home Health Care

4500 Sgate Pl, Suite 200, VA, 20151

Phone: 703-661-4555

Harbor Home HealthCare, LLC

4229 Lafayette Ctr Dr Ste 1300J, Chantilly, VA, 20151

Phone: 703-734-6683

Healing Touch

21687 Channing Court, Ashburn, VA, 20147

Phone: 703-303-7446

Heartland Home Health Care and Hospice

3900 Jermantown Rd, Suite 460, VA, 22030

Phone: 703-273-8693

Homecare Crew

22900 SHAW RD SUITE 101-2, Sterling, VA, 20166

Phone: 877-633-2779

Homewatch CareGivers

2 Pidgeon Hl Dr, Suite 430, VA, 20165

Phone: 703-665-5650


16071 Hamilton Sta Rd, Waterford, VA, 20197

Phone: 703-750-3141

Horizons Health Care Services

11350 RANDOM HILLS RD SUITE 800, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone: 646-338-8955

In-Med/Mothernet America

20110 Ashbrooi Pl, Suite 260, VA, 20147

Phone: 703-444-4477
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Loudoun Walk In Medical Center

44320 Premier Plaza, Suite 120, VA, 20147

Phone: 703-726-9056

Medical Pros On-call

10875 Main St Ste 112, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone: 703-273-8818

NOVA Home Care Services

20020 Ashbrook Common Plaza, #114, VA, 20147

Phone: 703-574-2913


11166 Fairfax Blvd., Suite 201, VA, 22030

Phone: 703-998-8900

Oasis Home Health Care

44121 HARRY BYRD Hwy, SUITE 180, VA, 20147

Phone: 703-858-9282

Premier Performance

19983 Broad Run Dr, Sterling, VA, 20165

Phone: 703-779-7903

Prima Home Health

14101 Willard Rd Ste C, Chantilly, VA, 20151

Phone: 703-955-7800

The Medical Team

1902 Cpus Commons Dr, Suite 650, VA, 20191

Phone: 703-390-2300

Trans-Care Home Health

46950 JENNINGS FARM DRIVE #200, Sterling, VA, 20164

Phone: 571-323-9046

VSN Professional Health Care

10875 Main St Ste 203, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone: 703-539-2967
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About Home Health Cares

A Home Health Agency (HHA) is an agency or organization which: 

Is primarily engaged in providing skilled nursing services and other therapeutic services;Has policies established by a group of professionals (associated with the agency or organization), including one or more physicians and one or more registered professional nurses, to govern the services which it provides; Provides for supervision of above-mentioned services by a physician or registered professional nurse; Maintains clinical records on all patients; Is licensed pursuant to State or local law, or has approval as meeting the standards established for licensing by the State or locality; Has in effect an overall plan and budget for institutional planning; Meets the federal requirements in the interest of the health and safety of individuals who are furnished services by the HHA; and Meets additional requirements as the Secretary finds necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the program.

For purposes of Part A home health services under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, the term “home health agency” does not include any agency or organization which is primarily for the care and treatment of mental diseases.

A Home Health Agency may be a public, nonprofit or proprietary agency or a subdivision of such an agency or organization.

Public agency is an agency operated by a State or local government.  Examples include State-operated HHAs and county hospitals.  For regulatory purposes, “public” means “governmental.” Nonprofit agency is a private (i.e., nongovernmental) agency exempt from Federal income taxation under §501 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.  These HHAs are often supported, in part, by private contributions or other philanthropic sources, such as foundations.  Examples include the nonprofit visiting nurse associations and Easter seal societies, as well as nonprofit hospitals. Proprietary agency is a private, profit-making agency or profit-making hospital.

In 2017 Home Health Agencies were required to become more responsive to patients and their caregivers under the first major overhaul of rules governing these organizations in almost 30 years. The federal regulations, published new specific the conditions under which 12,600 home health agencies can participate in Medicare and Medicaid, serving more than 5 million seniors and younger adults with disabilities through these government programs.