Mathews County Treasurer's Office

PO Box 309, Madison, VA

Phone: 804-725-2341
Category: Treasurer & Tax Collector
State: Virginia

The Tax Collector’s role is to administer the billing, collection and reporting of property tax revenues levied annually throughout the State for not only the county, but also cities, schools, and special districts. The Tax Collector operates under provisions of the State Constitution and statutes principally codified in the Revenue and Taxation Code. After five years, real property tax delinquencies result in Tax Defaulted Property Sales conducted by the Tax Collector.

The Treasurer-Tax Collector’s office can research property tax related questions, provide investment and cash flow information, assist in developing financing options for county projects, and provide general banking services for county departments and affiliated agencies. In addition, many Boards of Supervisors have established debt advisory or finance subcommittees where the Treasurer-Tax Collector may be a participating member.