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Advance Police Department

112 Main St, Advance, IN, 46102

Phone: 765-676-6611
Fax: 765-676-4351

Akron Police Department

206 W Rochester St, Akron, IN, 46910

Phone: 574-893-4567

Albany Police Department

212 E State St, Albany, IN, 47320

Phone: 765-789-6151
Fax: 765-789-6963

Albion Police Department

110 S Orange St, Albion, IN, 46701

Phone: 260-636-7157
Fax: 260-636-7765

Alexandria Police Department

204 S Harrison St, Alexandria, IN, 46001

Phone: 765-724-3222
Fax: 765-724-5003

Amo Police Department

4925 N Pearl St, Amo, IN, 46103

Phone: 317-539-6030

Anderson Police Department

1040 Main St, Anderson, IN, 46016

Phone: 765-648-6700
Fax: 765-648-6779

Anderson University Police Department

1100 E 5th St, Anderson, IN, 46012

Phone: 765-641-4154

Andrews Police Department

66 N Main St, Andrews, IN, 46702

Phone: 260-786-3551

Angola Police Department

202 W Gilmore St, Angola, IN, 46703

Phone: 260-665-2121
Fax: 260-624-2744
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Arcadia Police Department

208 Main St, Atlanta, IN, 46031

Phone: 317-984-5662
Fax: 317-984-9510

Argos Police Department

101 S 1st St, Argos, IN, 46501

Phone: 574-892-5122
Fax: 574-892-5092

Ashley Police Department

500 S Gonser Ave, Ashley, IN, 46705

Phone: 260-587-9388

Atlanta Police Department

105 E Main St, Atlanta, IN, 46031

Phone: 765-292-2355
Fax: 765-292-2322

Attica Police Department

200 S McDonald St, Attica, IN, 47918

Phone: 765-762-2449
Fax: 765-764-4960

Aurora Police Department

303 3rd St, Aurora, IN, 47001

Phone: 812-926-1101
Fax: 812-926-0713

Austin Police Department

80 W Main St, Austin, IN, 47102

Phone: 812-794-4623
Fax: 812-794-2859

Avilla Police Department

117 S Main St, Avilla, IN, 46710

Phone: 260-897-3555
Fax: 260-897-2498

Avon Police Department

6570 E US Highway 36, Avon, IN, 46123

Phone: 317-272-4485
Fax: 317-272-4487

Bargersville Police Department

12 N Main St, Bargersville, IN, 46106

Phone: 317-422-1222
Fax: 317-422-3721
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Batesville Police Department

104 E Catherine St, Batesville, IN, 47006

Phone: 812-934-3131
Fax: 812-933-0579

Battle Ground Police Department

100 College St, Battle Ground, IN, 47920

Phone: 765-567-2223
Fax: 765-567-4115

Bedford Police Department

1617 K St, Bedford, IN, 47421

Phone: 812-275-3311
Fax: 812-275-1615

Beech Grove Police Department

340 Churchman Ave, Beech Grove, IN, 46107

Phone: 317-782-4949
Fax: 317-782-4943

Berne Police Department

1160 W Main St, Berne, IN, 46711

Phone: 260-589-2169
Fax: 260-589-8120

Bicknell Police Department

119 E 2nd St, Bicknell, IN, 47512

Phone: 812-735-2255
Fax: 812-735-5253

Bloomfield Police Department

12 E Main St, Bloomfield, IN, 47424

Phone: 812-384-4411
Fax: 812-384-3462

Bloomington Police Department

220 E 3rd St, Bloomington, IN, 47401

Phone: 812-339-4477
Fax: 812-349-3353

Bluffton Police Department

204 E Market St, Bluffton, IN, 46714

Phone: 260-824-3320
Fax: 260-824-2027

Boonville Police Department

121 E Locust St, Boonville, IN, 47601

Phone: 812-897-6542
Fax: 812-897-6549
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Boswell Police Department

111 W Main St, Boswell, IN, 47921

Phone: 765-869-5951
Fax: 765-869-4542

Bourbon Police Department

224 N Main St, Bourbon, IN, 46504

Phone: 574-342-3105
Fax: 574-342-3205

Brazil Police Department

22 S Washington St, Brazil, IN, 47834

Phone: 812-446-2211
Fax: 812-446-2635

Bremen Fire Department

123 S Ctr St, Bremen, IN, 46506

Phone: 574-546-3456
Fax: 574-546-3376

Bristol Police Department

301 E Vistula St, Bristol, IN, 46507

Phone: 574-848-4464
Fax: 574-848-4098

Brook Police Department

223 W Main St, Brook, IN, 47922

Phone: 219-275-7000

Brookville Police Department

462 Main St, Brookville, IN, 47012

Phone: 765-647-4178
Fax: 765-647-1119

Brownsburg Police Department

31 N Green St, Brownsburg, IN, 46112

Phone: 317-852-1109
Fax: 317-858-2023

Brownstown Police Department

200 W Walnut St, Brownstown, IN, 47220

Phone: 812-358-2345
Fax: 812-358-5500

Bunker Hill Police Department

280 W Broadway, Bunker Hill, IN, 46914

Phone: 765-689-8758
Fax: 765-689-0822
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About Police Departments

The Police Department works with members of the community, community groups, and other City departments to proactively address crime, quality of life issues, and to enhance a feeling of safety for our residents, business owners, and those who visit the City.

Police officers are trained and sworn to uphold law and order. A normal duty shift might include transporting a drunk driver to a detoxification facility, intervening in a domestic assault, citing underage drinkers, apprehending a shoplifter, handling a traffic accident, investigating burglaries and executing search warrants. Each call requires completion of forms and reports. Occasionally, an officer will be summoned to testify in court about the incident and circumstances of the arrest.

Along with traditional duties, police officers today engage in many proactive initiatives. They get out of their cars, walk around and interact with families and business owners in their assigned neighborhoods. An effort is made to get acquainted on a first name basis with leaders of schools, organizations and churches. Examples of proactive outreach include helping to organize a neighborhood watch, giving presentations to schools and speaking to residents about their concerns at a neighborhood association meeting. Building trust with diverse communities and working collaboratively to address social issues, such as gang violence, is an especially important function of the police.