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Bartholomew Power Plant

Left Fork Hobble Crk Cyn Rd, Springville, UT, 84663

Bonanza Power Plant

12500 E 25500 S, Vernal, UT, 84078

Bountiful City Light & Power / Bountiful City Power Plant

253 S 200 W, Bountiful, UT, 84010

Hurricane City Power Power Plant

526 600 N, Hurricane, UT, 84737

Hydro Plant No 3 Power Plant

Junk Rd, Price, UT, 84501

Intermountain Power Station

850 Brush Wlsman Rd, Delta, UT, 84624

Lagoon Cogeneration Facility

375 Lagoon Dr, Farmington, UT, 84025

Lake Side Power Plant

1825 N Pioneer Ln, Lindon, UT, 84042

Murray City Power Department Power Plant

153 4800 S, Murray, UT, 84107

Nebo Power Station

S Bamberger Rd, Payson, UT, 84651

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Pacificorp Carbon Power Plant

7 5th Ave, Helper, UT, 84526

Pacificorp Currant Creek Power Plant

W 300 N, Mona, UT, 84645

Pacificorp Energy - Olmstead Hydro Power Plant

1018 N 1630 E St, Orem, UT, 84097

Payson City Shop Power Plant

1100 E 100 N, Payson, UT, 84651

Pioneer Hydro Center Power Plant

1218 12th St, Ogden, UT, 84404

Provo City Power Plant

251 800 N, Provo, UT, 84601

Salt Lake Energy Systems Power Plant

6030 W California Ave, Salt Lake, UT, 84104

Salt Palace Power Plant

100 S W Temple, Salt Lake, UT, 84101

Spanish Fork Wind Park 2 Power Plant

357 S St, Spanish Fork, UT, 84660

St George City Power: Millcreek Generation Station

Skyline Dr, St. George, UT, 84770

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St George Red Rock Power Plant

695 E Red Hls Pkwy, St. George, UT, 84770

Sunnyside Cogeneration Associates Power Plant

1 Power Plant Rd, Sunnyside, UT, 84539

Tesoro Petroleum/Fka Bp Amoco Power Plant

474 W 900 N, Salt Lake, UT, 84103

Trans-Jordan Generating Station

10873 Utah 111, Herriman, UT, 84096

Utah Power & Light Gadsby Jordan Power Plant

1407 W N Temple, Salt Lake, UT, 84116

Wasatch Energy Systems Energy Recovery Facility

3404 N 650 E, Layton, UT, 84041

West Valley Generation Project Power Plant

5935 4700 S, West Valley, UT, 84128

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About Power Plants

Power plants (or power stations) convert "fossil fuels" (coal, natural gas and oil) into electric power. Most of the things we do every day and much of the stuff we use owe much gratitude to these energy factories. 

There are several types of power plants; the ones that are generating heat in some way are called thermal power plants. One such thermal plan is a steam turbine. Steam flows into the turbine through the huge pipes thereby turning the windmill-like turbine. As it spins, it turns the electricity generator connected to it thus generating power for the grid.

Natural gas plants work in a slightly different way that's quite similar to how a jet engine works. Instead of making steam, they burn a steady stream of gas and use that to drive a slightly different design of turbine (called a gas turbine) instead.
Nuclear power plants work in a similar way to simple cycle coal or oil plants but, instead of burning fuel, they smash atoms apart to release heat energy. This is used to boil water, generate steam and drive a steam turbine and generator in the usual way. 

While all these types of power plants are essentially thermal (generating and releasing heat to drive a steam or gas turbine), two other very common types don't use any heat whatsoever. Hydroelectric and pumped storage plants are designed to funnel vast amounts of water past enormous water turbines which drive generators directly. 

In a hydroelectric plant, a river is backed up behind a massive concrete dam. The water can escape through a relatively small opening in the dam called a penstock and, as it does it makes the turbines spin. As long as the river flows, the turbines spin and the dam generates hydroelectric power. 

A single large power plant can generate enough electricity (about 2,000 megawatts) to supply a couple of hundred thousand homes, the same amount of power you could make with about 1000 large wind turbines working 24/7. 

Electricity is brilliant, but it's also very dangerous. Power plants and transmission lines carry electricity at incredibly high voltages—thousands of times greater than those used in your home. Playing anywhere near power equipment is extremely dangerous. Don't fly a kite near power lines or play soccer nearby.