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Quitman County Sheriff

121 Main St, Georgetown-Quitman County, GA

Phone: 229-334-3726
Fax: 229-334-0905

Danville County Sheriff's Office

401 Patton St, Danville, VA

Phone: 434-799-5135
Fax: 434-799-8719

Harrisonburg County Sheriff's Office

25 S Liberty St, Harrisonburg, VA

Phone: 540-564-3800

Rockbridge County Sheriff's Office

258 Greenhouse Rd, Lexington, VA

Phone: 540-463-7328
Fax: 540-463-5693

Baldwin County Sheriff's Office

310 Hand Ave, Bay Minette, AL

Phone: 251-937-0202
Fax: 251-580-1687

Bibb County Sheriff's Office

183 SW Davidson Dr, Centreville, AL

Phone: 205-926-4683
Fax: 205-926-3110

Choctaw County Sheriff's Office

117 S Mulberry Ave, Butler, AL

Phone: 205-459-2166
Fax: 205-459-4666

Crenshaw County Sheriff's Office

29 Glenwood Ave, Luverne, AL

Phone: 334-335-6568
Fax: 334-335-5805

Cullman County Sheriff's Office

1900 Beech Ave SE, Cullman, AL

Phone: 256-735-2400
Fax: 256-737-9868

Etowah County Sheriff's Office

827 Forrest Ave, Gadsden, AL

Phone: 256-546-2825
Fax: 256-549-2171
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Franklin County Sheriff's Office

748 Walnut Gate Rd, Russellville, AL

Phone: 256-332-8811
Fax: 256-332-8816

Geneva County Sheriff's Office

200 N Commerce St, Geneva, AL

Phone: 334-684-5660
Fax: 334-684-5666

Lamar County Sheriff's Office

330 1st St NE, Vernon, AL

Phone: 205-695-7470
Fax: 205-695-1871

Marion County Sheriff's Office

132 Military St S, Hamilton, AL

Phone: 205-921-2101
Fax: 205-921-7598

Marshall County Sheriff's Office

423 Blount Ave, Guntersville, AL

Phone: 256-582-2034
Fax: 256-571-7774

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

125 E Claiborne St, Monroeville, AL

Phone: 251-575-2081
Fax: 251-575-7661

Sumter County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 773, Livingston, AL

Phone: 205-652-7984
Fax: 205-652-7981

Haines Borough Sheriff's Office

103 3rd Ave S, Haines, AK

Phone: 907-766-2231
Fax: 907-766-2716

Lake And Peninsula Borough Sheriff's Office

PO Box 495, King Salmon, AK

Phone: 907-246-3421
Fax: 907-246-6602

Nome County Sheriff's Office

102 Greg Kruschek Ave, Nome, AK

Phone: 907-443-5262
Fax: 907-443-2266

Northwest Arctic Borough Sheriff's Office

163 Lagoon St, Kotzebue, AK

Phone: 907-442-2500
Fax: 907-442-2930
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Petersburg Borough Sheriff's Office

12 S Nordic Dr, Petersburg, AK

Phone: 907-772-4425
Fax: 907-772-3759

Valdez-Cordova County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 307, Valdez, AK

Phone: 907-835-4313
Fax: 907-835-2992

Calhoun County Sheriff's Office

449 9th St, Hampton, AR

Phone: 870-798-2323
Fax: 870-798-4944

Carroll County Sheriff's Office

205 Hailey Rd, Berryville, AR

Phone: 870-423-2901
Fax: 870-423-4336

Craighead County Sheriff's Office

Willett Rd, Jonesboro, AR

Phone: 870-933-4553
Fax: 870-933-4595

Desha County Sheriff's Office

604 President St, Dermott, AR

Phone: 870-877-2327
Fax: 870-877-3406

Drew County Sheriff's Office

210 S Main St, Monticello, AR

Phone: 870-367-6211
Fax: 870-460-6217

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

101 W Main St, Ozark, AR

Phone: 479-667-4127
Fax: 479-667-1857

Hempstead County Sheriff's Office

312 S Washington St, Hope, AR

Phone: 870-777-6727
Fax: 870-777-1903

Johnson County Sheriff's Office

301 Prter Industrial Rd, Clarksville, AR

Phone: 479-754-2200
Fax: 479-754-2210
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Little River County Sheriff's Office

351 N 2nd St, Ashdown, AR

Phone: 870-898-5115
Fax: 870-898-7260

Lonoke County Sheriff's Office

440 Dee Dee Ln, Lonoke, AR

Phone: 501-676-3001
Fax: 501-676-3017

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

200 S Main St, Clarendon, AR

Phone: 870-747-3811
Fax: 870-747-3674

Gila County Sheriff's Office

1100 E S St, Globe, AZ

Phone: 928-425-4449

Graham County Sheriff's Office

523 S 10th Ave, Safford, AZ

Phone: 928-428-3141

Bradford County Sheriff's Office

945 N Temple Ave, Starke, FL

Phone: 904-966-6380
Fax: 904-966-6160

Citrus County Sheriff's Office

1 Doctor Martin Luther King Junior Ave, Inverness, FL

Phone: 352-726-4488

Columbia County Sheriff's Office

4917 W US Highway 90, Lake, FL

Phone: 386-752-9212

Franklin County Sheriff's Office

270 Highway 65, Eastpoint, FL

Phone: 850-670-8500
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About Sheriffs

The sheriff is an elected official in a county (or independent city) responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law.  Sheriffs are accountable directly to the constitution of their state, the United States Constitution, statutes, and the citizens of their county. There are sheriff’s in 48 states, with two exceptions, Alaska which does not have counties and Connecticut which has no county governments.
Sheriffs are elected to four-year terms in 42 states, two-year terms in Arkansas and New Hampshire, three-year terms in New Jersey, and six-year terms in Massachusetts. In many rural areas of the United States, particularly in the South, the sheriff has traditionally been viewed as one of a given county's most influential political office-holder.

The responsibilities of sheriffs and their agencies vary considerably by county. Many sheriffs have the role of a police chief, though some lead agencies with limited law enforcement duties. Sheriffs are also often responsible for managing county jails and security at local government buildings.

An officer of a sheriff's office is typically known as a deputy sheriff, sheriff's deputy or informally as a deputy. In a small sheriff's office, the deputies are supervised directly by the sheriff. Large sheriff’s offices have several ranks in a similar manner to a police department. The actual second-in-command of the sheriff typically holds the title of chief deputy or undersheriff. In some counties, the undersheriff is the warden of the county jail or detention center.