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Beaver County Sheriff's Office

2270 S 525 W, Beaver, UT

Phone: 435-438-2862
Fax: 435-438-5206

Box Elder County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 888, Brigham, UT

Phone: 435-734-3818
Fax: 435-734-3867

Cache County Sheriff's Office

1225 Valley View W, Mendon, UT

Phone: 435-750-7400
Fax: 435-750-7482

Carbon County Sheriff's Office

240 W Main St, Price, UT

Phone: 435-637-1622
Fax: 435-636-3212

Daggett County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 219, Manila, UT

Phone: 435-784-3255
Fax: 435-784-3251

Davis County Sheriff's Office

800 W State St, Farmington, UT

Phone: 801-451-4100
Fax: 801-451-4167

Duchesne County Sheriff's Office

21554 W 9000 S, Duchesne, UT

Phone: 435-722-4444
Fax: 435-738-2637

Emery County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 817, Castle Dale, UT

Phone: 435-381-2404
Fax: 435-381-2200

Garfield County Sheriff's Office

45 S Main St, Panguitch, UT

Phone: 801-676-2678
Fax: 435-676-8239

Grand County Sheriff's Office

25 S 100 E, Moab, UT

Phone: 435-259-8115
Fax: 435-259-8651
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Iron County Sheriff's Office

2132 N Main St, Cedar, UT

Phone: 435-867-7500
Fax: 435-867-7539

Juab County Sheriff's Office

425 Sheep Ln, Nephi, UT

Phone: 435-623-1349
Fax: 435-623-2899

Kane County Sheriff's Office

76 N Main St, Kanab, UT

Phone: 435-644-2349
Fax: 435-644-2096

Millard County Sheriff's Office

765 Highway 99, Fillmore, UT

Phone: 435-743-5302
Fax: 435-743-6324

Morgan County Sheriff's Office

48 W Young St, Morgan, UT

Phone: 801-829-0590
Fax: 801-829-0605

Piute County Sheriff's Office

550 Main St, Junction, UT

Phone: 435-577-2893
Fax: 435-577-2894

Rich County Sheriff's Office

20 S Main St, Randolph, UT

Phone: 435-793-2285
Fax: 435-793-3122

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office

2001 State St, Salt Lake, UT

Phone: 801-468-3900

San Juan County Sheriff's Office

297 S Main St, Monticello, UT

Phone: 435-587-2237
Fax: 435-587-2013

Sanpete County Sheriff's Office

160 N Main St, Manti, UT

Phone: 435-835-2191
Fax: 435-835-2143
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Sevier County Sheriff's Office

835 E 300 N, Richfield, UT

Phone: 435-896-2600
Fax: 810-896-6081

Summit County Sheriff's Office

6300 Justice Ctr Rd, Park, UT

Phone: 435-615-3600
Fax: 435-615-3523

Tooele County Sheriff's Office

47 S Main St, Tooele, UT

Phone: 435-882-5600
Fax: 435-882-6417

Uintah County Sheriff's Office

641 E 300 S, Vernal, UT

Phone: 435-789-2511
Fax: 435-781-5412

Utah County Sheriff's Office

3075 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT

Phone: 801-851-4000
Fax: 801-851-8041

Wasatch County Sheriff's Office

1361 U.S. 40, Heber, UT

Phone: 435-654-1411
Fax: 435-657-3580

Washington County Sheriff's Office

750 S 5400 W, Hurricane, UT

Phone: 435-656-6500
Fax: 435-656-6599

Wayne County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 189, Loa, UT

Phone: 435-836-1308
Fax: 435-836-2189

Weber County Sheriff's Office

721 W 12th St, Ogden, UT

Phone: 801-778-6601
Fax: 801-778-6667
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About Sheriffs

The sheriff is an elected official in a county (or independent city) responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law.  Sheriffs are accountable directly to the constitution of their state, the United States Constitution, statutes, and the citizens of their county. There are sheriff’s in 48 states, with two exceptions, Alaska which does not have counties and Connecticut which has no county governments.
Sheriffs are elected to four-year terms in 42 states, two-year terms in Arkansas and New Hampshire, three-year terms in New Jersey, and six-year terms in Massachusetts. In many rural areas of the United States, particularly in the South, the sheriff has traditionally been viewed as one of a given county's most influential political office-holder.

The responsibilities of sheriffs and their agencies vary considerably by county. Many sheriffs have the role of a police chief, though some lead agencies with limited law enforcement duties. Sheriffs are also often responsible for managing county jails and security at local government buildings.

An officer of a sheriff's office is typically known as a deputy sheriff, sheriff's deputy or informally as a deputy. In a small sheriff's office, the deputies are supervised directly by the sheriff. Large sheriff’s offices have several ranks in a similar manner to a police department. The actual second-in-command of the sheriff typically holds the title of chief deputy or undersheriff. In some counties, the undersheriff is the warden of the county jail or detention center.