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Allegany County Sheriff's Office

708 Furnace St, Cumberland, MD

Phone: 301-777-1585
Fax: 301-777-2254

Dorchester County Sheriff's Office

829 Fldcrest Rd, Cambridge, MD

Phone: 410-228-4141
Fax: 410-228-9869

Harford County Sheriff's Office

45 S Main St, Bel Air, MD

Phone: 410-838-6600
Fax: 410-836-5401

Kent County Sheriff's Office

104 Vickers Dr, Chestertown, MD

Phone: 410-778-2279
Fax: 410-778-7488

Queen Annes County Sheriff's Office

505 Railroad Ave, Centreville, MD

Phone: 410-758-0770
Fax: 410-758-1961

St Marys County Sheriff's Office

23150 Leonard Hall Dr, Leonardtown, MD

Phone: 301-475-4200
Fax: 301-475-6865

Talbot County Sheriff's Office

115 W Dover St, Easton, MD

Phone: 410-822-1020
Fax: 410-770-8110

Albemarle County Sheriff's Office

411 E High St, Charlottesville, VA

Phone: 434-972-4001
Fax: 434-972-4065

Charlottesville County Sheriff's Office

315 E High St Ste A, Charlottesville, VA

Phone: 434-970-3777
Fax: 434-970-3793

Essex County Sheriff's Office

304 Prince St, Tappahannock, VA

Phone: 804-443-3346
Fax: 804-443-3340

Fluvanna County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 113, Palmyra, VA

Phone: 434-589-8211
Fax: 434-589-6594
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Greene County Sheriff's Office

10005 Spotswood Trl, Stanardsville, VA

Phone: 434-985-2222
Fax: 434-985-3373

Hanover County Sheriff's Office

7522 County Complex Rd, Hanover, VA

Phone: 804-365-6110
Fax: 804-365-6323

Harrisonburg County Sheriff's Office

25 S Liberty St, Harrisonburg, VA

Phone: 540-564-3800

Henrico County Sheriff's Office

4301 E Parham Rd, Richmond, VA

Phone: 804-501-5860
Fax: 804-501-5443

King And Queen County Sheriff's Office

242 Allens Cir, King and Queen Court House, VA

Phone: 804-785-7400
Fax: 804-785-5489

King William County Sheriff's Office

351 Courthouse Rd, King William, VA

Phone: 804-769-0999
Fax: 804-769-0334

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

8293 Mary Ball Rd, Lancaster, VA

Phone: 804-462-5111
Fax: 804-462-7046

Lexington County Sheriff's Office

701 E Franklin St, Richmond, VA

Phone: 804-225-7152
Fax: 804-225-7162

Louisa County Sheriff's Office

1 Woolfolk Ave, Louisa, VA

Phone: 540-967-1234
Fax: 540-967-1604

New Kent County Sheriff's Office

12001 Courthouse Cir, New Kent, VA

Phone: 804-966-9500
Fax: 804-966-5050
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Northumberland County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 310, Heathsville, VA

Phone: 804-580-5221
Fax: 804-580-5723

Powhatan County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 133, Powhatan, VA

Phone: 804-598-5655
Fax: 804-598-7058

Richmond County Sheriff's Office

PO Box 115, Warsaw, VA

Phone: 804-333-3611
Fax: 804-333-3121

Richmond County Sheriff's Office

1701 Fairfield Way, Richmond, VA

Phone: 804-646-4464

Rockingham County Sheriff's Office

25 S Liberty St, Harrisonburg, VA

Phone: 540-564-3800
Fax: 540-564-3807

Sheriff's Office

2938 Riv Rd W, Fife, VA

Phone: 804-556-5349
Fax: 804-556-5672

Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office

111 Polk St, Montross, VA

Phone: 804-493-8066
Fax: 804-493-8715

Bedford County Sheriff's Office

200 S Juliana St, Bedford, PA

Phone: 814-623-2910
Fax: 814-623-2940

Cumberland County Sheriff's Office

1 N Courthouse Ave, Carlisle, PA

Phone: 717-240-6390

Dauphin County Sheriff's Office

101 Market St, Harrisburg, PA

Phone: 717-780-6590

Huntingdon County Sheriff's Office

241 Mifflin St, Huntingdon, PA

Phone: 814-643-0880
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Juniata County Sheriff's Office

225 Brg St, Mifflintown, PA

Phone: 717-436-2213

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

50 N Duke St, Lancaster, PA

Phone: 717-299-8200

Mifflin County Sheriff's Office

8 N Main St, Lewistown, PA

Phone: 717-242-1105

Perry County Sheriff's Office

2 E Main St, New Bloomfield, PA

Phone: 717-582-2131

York County Sheriff's Office

45 N George St, York, PA

Phone: 717-771-9601
Fax: 717-771-9957
West Virginia

Hampshire County Sheriff's Office

66 N High St, Romney, WV

Phone: 304-822-3894

Hardy County Sheriff's Office

204 Washington St, Moorefield, WV

Phone: 304-530-0222

Mineral County Sheriff's Office

150 Armstrong St, Keyser, WV

Phone: 304-788-0341
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About Sheriffs

The sheriff is an elected official in a county (or independent city) responsible for keeping the peace and enforcing the law.  Sheriffs are accountable directly to the constitution of their state, the United States Constitution, statutes, and the citizens of their county. There are sheriff’s in 48 states, with two exceptions, Alaska which does not have counties and Connecticut which has no county governments.
Sheriffs are elected to four-year terms in 42 states, two-year terms in Arkansas and New Hampshire, three-year terms in New Jersey, and six-year terms in Massachusetts. In many rural areas of the United States, particularly in the South, the sheriff has traditionally been viewed as one of a given county's most influential political office-holder.

The responsibilities of sheriffs and their agencies vary considerably by county. Many sheriffs have the role of a police chief, though some lead agencies with limited law enforcement duties. Sheriffs are also often responsible for managing county jails and security at local government buildings.

An officer of a sheriff's office is typically known as a deputy sheriff, sheriff's deputy or informally as a deputy. In a small sheriff's office, the deputies are supervised directly by the sheriff. Large sheriff’s offices have several ranks in a similar manner to a police department. The actual second-in-command of the sheriff typically holds the title of chief deputy or undersheriff. In some counties, the undersheriff is the warden of the county jail or detention center.