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Fulda Memorial Library

101 W 3rd St, Dundee, MN

Phone: 507-425-3277

Great River Regional Library

118 State St E, Grey Eagle, MN

Phone: 320-285-2505

Great River Regional Library

324 Washburn Ave, Belgrade, MN

Phone: 320-254-8842

Nobles County Library

407 12th St, Worthington, MN

Phone: 507-295-5340
Fax: 507-372-2982

Plum Creek Library System

290 Lk St, Worthington, MN

Phone: 507-376-5803

Raymond Public Library

208 Spicer Ave, Raymond, MN

Phone: 320-967-4411

Renville Public Library

PO Box 609, Renville, MN

Phone: 320-329-8193

Spicer Library

198 Manitoba St, Spicer, MN

Phone: 320-796-5560

Swanville Public Library

213 De Graff Ave, Swanville, MN

Phone: 320-547-2346

Wabasso Public Library

1248 Oak St, Wabasso, MN

Phone: 507-342-5279
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Westbrook Library

556 1st Ave, Westbrook, MN

Phone: 507-274-6174

Willmar Public Library

410 5th St SW, Willmar, MN

Phone: 320-235-3162
Fax: 320-235-3169

Ashton Public Library

3029 3rd St, Ashton, IA

Phone: 712-724-6426
Fax: 712-724-6426

Council Bluffs Public Library

400 Willow Ave, Council Bluffs, IA

Phone: 712-323-7553

Mapleton Public Library

609 Courtright St, Mapleton, IA

Phone: 712-881-1312
Fax: 712-881-1313

Marcus Public Library

106 S Locust St, Marcus, IA

Phone: 712-376-2328
Fax: 712-376-4628

Modale Public Library

511 N Main St, Modale, IA

Phone: 712-645-2826

Mondamin Public Library

201 Maple St, Mondamin, IA

Phone: 712-646-2888

Ocheyedan Public Library

874 Main St, Ocheyedan, IA

Phone: 712-758-3352
Fax: 712-758-3352

Onawa Public Library

707 Iowa Ave, Onawa, IA

Phone: 712-423-1733
Fax: 712-433-4622
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Owen Public Library

1120 Willow Dr, Carter Lake, IA

Phone: 712-347-5492

Sibley Public Library

406 9th St, Sibley, IA

Phone: 712-754-2888

A.V. Sorensen Branch

4808 Cass St, Omaha, NE

Phone: 402-444-5274

Bellevue Public Library

1003 Lincoln Rd, Bellevue, NE

Phone: 402-293-3157

Bennington Public Library

15505 Warehouse St, Bennington, NE

Phone: 402-238-2201
Fax: 402-238-2218

Benson Library

6015 Binney St, Omaha, NE

Phone: 402-444-4846

Blair Public Library

210 S 17th St, Blair, NE

Phone: 402-426-3617
Fax: 402-426-3633

Kripke Jewish Federate Library

333 S 132nd St, Omaha, NE

Phone: 402-334-6461

Omaha Home For Boys

4343 N 52nd St, Omaha, NE

Phone: 402-457-7000
Fax: 402-457-7162

W Dale Clark Library

215 S 15th St, Omaha, NE

Phone: 402-444-4800
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About State & Federal Prisons

The difference between a state and federal prison is the government body that operates it. State prisons are operated by state governments, and federal prisons are operated by the federal government. Federal prisons are run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and generally have higher levels of security than state prisons.  The BOP may hold inmates over whom a different government maintains jurisdiction. To have custody of a prisoner, a state or the BOP must physically hold that person in one of its facilities. You can find where an inmate is housed using an Inmate Locator on this site.