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Malad City City Hall

59 Bannock St, Malad, ID, 83252

Phone: 208-766-4010
Fax: 208-766-4315

Murtaugh City Hall

104 4th St, Hazelton, ID, 83338

Phone: 208-432-6682

Salmon City Hall

200 Main St, Salmon, ID, 83467

Phone: 208-756-3214
Fax: 208-756-4840

Shoshone City Hall

207 S Rail St W, Shoshone, ID, 83352

Phone: 208-886-2030

Sugar City City Hall

10 Ctr St, Sugar, ID, 83440

Phone: 208-356-7561

Bellmont City Hall

214 N Main St, Bellmont, IL, 62811

Phone: 618-298-2520

Charleston City Hall

520 Jackson Ave, Charleston, IL, 61912

Phone: 217-345-8430

Cisne City Hall

403 Park St, Cisne, IL, 62823

Phone: 618-673-2411

Crest Hill City Hall

1610 Plainfield Rd, Crest Hill, IL, 60403

Phone: 815-741-5102

East Peoria City Hall

100 S Main St, East Peoria, IL, 61734

Phone: 309-698-4715
Fax: 309-698-4747

Hannaman Township Town Hall

28835 Hub St, Deer Grove, IL, 61252

Phone: 815-438-3113
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Hazel Crest City Hall

3000 W 170th Pl, Hazel Crest, IL, 60459

Phone: 708-335-9600

Hurst City Hall

111 Bush Ave, Hurst, IL, 62918

Phone: 618-987-2513

O'Fallon City Hall

255 S Lincoln Ave, O'Fallon, IL, 62220

Phone: 618-624-4500
Fax: 618-624-4528

Oakland City Hall

15 E Main St, Oakland, IL, 61912

Phone: 217-346-2651

Prospect Heights City Hall

8 N Elmhurst Rd, Prospect Heights, IL, 60459

Phone: 847-398-6070

Quincy City Hall

Lbby 1, 730 Maine St, IL, 62301

Phone: 217-228-4500
Fax: 203-785-8520

Toulon City Hall

122 N Franklin St, Toulon, IL, 61483

Phone: 309-286-5042

Wilmington City Hall

1165 S Water St, Wilmington, IL, 60403

Phone: 815-476-2175

Winslow Town Hall

501 School St, Winslow, IL, 61032

Phone: 815-367-2655

Andrew City Hall

11 E Benton St, Andrew, IA, 52030

Phone: 563-672-3570

Chester City Hall

MAIN St, Chester, IA, 52134

Phone: 563-565-2768
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Farnhamville Town Hall

GARFIELD Ave, Farnhamville, IA, 50538

Phone: 515-544-3660

Independence City Hall

331 1st St E, Independence, IA, 52210

Phone: 319-334-4711
Fax: 319-334-2037

Jesup City Hall

531 Prospect St, Jesup, IA, 52210

Phone: 319-827-1732
Fax: 319-827-3510

Marengo City Hall

153 E Main St, Marengo, IA, 52251

Phone: 319-642-3232

Miles City Hall

430 Ferry Rd, Miles, IA, 52030

Phone: 563-682-7618

Mount Pleasant City Hall

220 W Monroe St, Mount Pleasant, IA, 52630

Phone: 319-385-1470
Fax: 319-385-1466

New Providence Town Hall

506 W Main St, New Providence, IA, 50006

Phone: 641-497-5251

Newell City Hall

207 E 2nd St, Newell, IA, 50510

Phone: 712-272-4410
Fax: 712-272-4537

Panora City Hall

102 NW 2nd St, Panora, IA, 50026

Phone: 641-755-3035
Fax: 641-755-3846

Parkersburg City Hall

608 Iowa 57, Parkersburg, IA, 50602

Phone: 319-346-2262
Fax: 319-346-2114
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Plainfield City Hall

707 Main St, Plainfield, IA, 50622

Phone: 319-276-3169

Readlyn City Hall

128 Main St, Readlyn, IA, 50622

Phone: 319-279-3411
Fax: 319-279-7575

Reasnor City Hall

312 N St, Reasnor, IA, 50028

Phone: 641-793-2752

Reasnor Town Hall

312 N St, Reasnor, IA, 50028

Phone: 641-793-2752

Rembrandt City Hall

108 E Main St, Rembrandt, IA, 50510

Phone: 712-286-6100

Renwick City Hall

501 Main St, Renwick, IA, 50519

Phone: 515-824-3511

Stratford City Hall

805 Shakespeare Ave, Stratford, IA, 50034

Phone: 515-838-2311
Fax: 515-838-2315

Waverly City Hall

200 1st St NE, Waverly, IA, 50622

Phone: 319-352-4252
Fax: 810-664-5926
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About Town & City Halls

A city hall or town hall is the headquarters or chief administrative building of a city or town's administration and usually houses the city or town council, its associated departments and their employees including the mayor. City halls and town halls serve a critical role in hosting municipal offices and services, but they are also as symbols of local government, as they have distinctive architecture and some buildings may have great historical significance as they leave a visual legacy for the city they represent.

Town Hall Meetings 
The purpose of town hall meetings is for local and regional officials to hear the community's views on public issues. Attendees voice their opinions, present fresh ideas, air grievances; ask questions of the elected officials or political candidates at the town hall. 

Sometimes, the town hall meeting is televised or recorded. Some have explored alternative formats for town hall meetings, such as an “electronic town hall” to attract a larger audience when attendance is difficult.