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Alexandria City Hall

301 King St, Alexandria, VA, 22314

Phone: 703-838-4000

Dumfries City Hall

17755 Main St, Dumfries, VA, 22026

Phone: 703-221-3400

Dumfries Town Hall

17755 Main St, Dumfries, VA, 22026

Phone: 703-221-3400
Fax: 703-221-3544

Fairfax City Hall

Rm 1, 10455 Armstrong St, VA, 22030

Phone: 703-385-7865
Fax: 703-246-6321

Falls Church City Hall

300 Park Ave, Falls Church, VA, 22046

Phone: 703-248-5001
Fax: 703-246-2444

Haymarket Town Hall

15000 Washington St, Haymarket, VA, 22026

Phone: 703-754-4816

Herndon Town Hall

777 Lynn St, Herndon, VA, 20170

Phone: 703-435-6800

Leesburg Town Hall

25 W Market St, Leesburg, VA, 20176

Phone: 703-777-2420

Lovettsville Town Hall

6 E Pennsylvania Ave, Lovettsville, VA, 20176

Phone: 540-822-5788

Manassas City Hall

Ste 401, 9027 Center St, VA, 20110

Phone: 703-257-8200
Fax: 703-365-2060
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Occoquan Town Hall

314 Mill St, Occoquan, VA, 22026

Phone: 703-491-1918

Old Town Hall

3999 UNIVERSITY Dr, Fairfax, VA, 22030

Phone: 703-273-2377

Purcellville Town Hall

130 E Main St, Purcellville, VA, 20176

Phone: 540-338-7421

Purcellville Town Hall

221 S Nursery Ave, Purcellville, VA, 20176

Phone: 540-338-7421

Round Hill Town Hall

23 MAIN St, Round Hill, VA, 20176

Phone: 540-338-7878

Vienna Town Hall

127 Ctr St S, Vienna, VA, 20170

Phone: 703-255-6370

Barnesville Town Hall

18001 Barnesville Rd, Barnesville, MD, 20838

Phone: 240-489-3036

Brentwood Town Hall

4300 39th Pl, Brentwood, MD, 20740

Phone: 301-927-3344

Brunswick City Hall

1 W Potomac St, Brunswick, MD, 21716

Phone: 301-834-7500

Brunswick Town Hall

20 E A St, Brunswick, MD, 21716

Phone: 301-834-9101
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Chevy Chase Town Hall

4301 Willow Ln, Chevy Chase, MD, 20838

Phone: 301-654-7144

Cottage City Town Hall

3820 40th Ave, Brentwood, MD, 20740

Phone: 301-779-2161
Fax: 301-779-3525

Forest Heights Town Hall

5508 Arapahoe Dr, Oxon Hill, MD, 20740

Phone: 301-839-1030
Fax: 301-839-9236

Frederick City Hall

101 N Court St, Frederick, MD, 21716

Phone: 301-694-1440

Gaithersburg City Hall

31 S Smt Ave, Gaithersburg, MD, 20838

Phone: 301-258-6300
Fax: 301-948-6149

Glen Echo Town Hall

6106 Harvard Ave, Glen Echo, MD, 20838

Phone: 301-320-4041
Fax: 301-320-3639

Indian Head Town Hall

4195 Indian Head Highway, Indian Head, MD, 20640

Phone: 301-743-5511
Fax: 301-743-9008

Kensington Town Hall

3710 Mitchell St, Kensington, MD, 20838

Phone: 301-949-2424
Fax: 301-949-4925

Laytonsville Town Hall

21607 Laytonsville Rd, Gaithersburg, MD, 20838

Phone: 301-869-0042
Fax: 301-869-7222

Mt Rainier City Hall

1 Municipal Pl, Mount Rainier, MD, 20740

Phone: 301-985-6585
Fax: 301-985-6595
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Myersville Town Hall

301 Main St, Myersville, MD, 21716

Phone: 301-293-4281

Poolesville Town Hall

19721 Beall St, Poolesville, MD, 20838

Phone: 301-428-8927

Rockville City Hall

111 Maryland Ave, Rockville, MD, 20838

Phone: 240-314-5000

Somerset Town Hall

4510 Cumberland Ave, Chevy Chase, MD, 20838

Takoma Park City Hall

7500 Maple Ave, Takoma Park, MD, 20838

Phone: 301-891-7100

Walkersville Town Hall

21 W Frederick St, Walkersville, MD, 21716

Phone: 301-845-4500

Washington Grove Town Hall

300 Grove Ave, Washington Grove, MD, 20838

Phone: 301-926-2256
West Virginia

Harpers Ferry Town Hall

1000 W Washington St, Harpers Ferry, WV, 25425

Phone: 304-535-2206
Fax: 304-535-6520

Ranson City Hall

312 S Mildred St, Ranson, WV, 25425

Phone: 304-725-1010
District Of Columbia

Washington City Hall

950 24th St NW, Washington, DC, 20052

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About Town & City Halls

A city hall or town hall is the headquarters or chief administrative building of a city or town's administration and usually houses the city or town council, its associated departments and their employees including the mayor. City halls and town halls serve a critical role in hosting municipal offices and services, but they are also as symbols of local government, as they have distinctive architecture and some buildings may have great historical significance as they leave a visual legacy for the city they represent.

Town Hall Meetings 
The purpose of town hall meetings is for local and regional officials to hear the community's views on public issues. Attendees voice their opinions, present fresh ideas, air grievances; ask questions of the elected officials or political candidates at the town hall. 

Sometimes, the town hall meeting is televised or recorded. Some have explored alternative formats for town hall meetings, such as an “electronic town hall” to attract a larger audience when attendance is difficult.