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Alexandria City Hall

421 Main St, Alexandria, SD, 57311

Phone: 605-239-4764

Arlington City Hall

202 W Elm St, Arlington, SD, 57212

Phone: 605-983-5251

Avon City Hall

116 N Main St, Avon, SD, 57315

Phone: 605-286-3694

Baltic City Hall

130 St Olaf Ave, Baltic, SD, 57003

Phone: 605-529-5497

Belle Fourche City Hall

605 National St, Belle Fourche, SD, 57717

Phone: 605-892-6237

Blunt City Hall

208 N Main St, Blunt, SD, 57522

Phone: 605-962-6262

Bowdle City Hall

8001 5th St, Bowdle, SD, 57428

Phone: 605-285-6350
Fax: 605-285-6410

Box Elder City Hall

520 N Ellsworth Rd, Box Elder, SD, 57719

Phone: 605-923-1404
Fax: 605-923-4264

Brandon City Hall

304 Main Ave, Brandon, SD, 57003

Phone: 605-582-8987

Bridgewater City Hall

232 N Main Ave, Bridgewater, SD, 57319

Phone: 605-729-2690
Fax: 605-729-2090
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Bristol City Hall

204 1st Ave W, Bristol, SD, 57219

Phone: 605-492-3225

Britton City Hall

803 8th St, Britton, SD, 57430

Phone: 605-448-5721

Canistota City Hall

228 Main St, Canistota, SD, 57319

Phone: 605-296-3551

Canton City Hall

210 N Dakota St, Canton, SD, 57013

Phone: 605-987-2881
Fax: 605-987-2972

Castlewood City Hall

204 Main St, Castlewood, SD, 57223

Phone: 605-793-2220
Fax: 605-793-1307

Centerville City Hall

741 Main St, Centerville, SD, 57014

Phone: 605-563-2302
Fax: 605-563-2277

Clark City Hall

120 N Commercial St, Clark, SD, 57225

Phone: 605-532-5665

Colman City Hall

112 N Main Ave, Colman, SD, 57017

Phone: 605-534-3611

Colome City Hall

114 W 3rd St, Colome, SD, 57528

Phone: 605-842-0853

Colton City Hall

309 E 4th St, Colton, SD, 57003

Phone: 605-446-3811
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Conde City Hall

130 3rd St NW, Conde, SD, 57434

Phone: 605-382-5258

Cresbard Town Hall

305 Main St, Cresbard, SD, 57435

Phone: 605-324-3619

De Smet City Hall

218 Calumet Ave SE, De Smet, SD, 57212

Phone: 605-854-3731

Dell Rapids City Hall

302 E 4th St, Dell Rapids, SD, 57003

Phone: 605-428-3595
Fax: 605-428-5969

Edgemont City Hall

412 2nd Ave, Edgemont, SD, 57735

Phone: 605-662-7422

Elk Point City Hall

106 W Pleasant St, Elk Point, SD, 57025

Phone: 605-356-2141

Ethan City Hall

204 E Main St, Ethan, SD, 57334

Phone: 605-227-4230

Eureka City Hall

613 7TH St, Eureka, SD, 57437

Phone: 605-284-2601

Faulkton City Hall

105 8th Ave, Faulkton, SD, 57435

Phone: 605-598-4322
Fax: 605-598-4290

Garretson City Hall

705 N Main Ave, Garretson, SD, 57003

Phone: 605-594-6723
Fax: 605-594-3965
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Gary City Hall

1113 Smt St, Gary, SD, 57237

Phone: 605-272-5651

Gregory City Hall

120 W 6th St, Gregory, SD, 57533

Phone: 605-835-8270
Fax: 605-835-8422

Harrisburg City Hall

203 Prairie St, Harrisburg, SD, 57013

Phone: 605-743-5872
Fax: 605-743-2831

Harrold City Hall

102 E 1ST St, Harrold, SD, 57522

Phone: 605-875-3300

Hartford City Hall

125 N Main Ave, Hartford, SD, 57003

Phone: 605-528-3427
Fax: 605-528-3320

Herreid City Hall

102 MAIN St N, Herreid, SD, 57632

Phone: 605-437-2444

Hill City City Hall

243 Deerfield Rd, Hill, SD, 57719

Phone: 605-574-2300
Fax: 605-574-4327

Hosmer City Hall

115 W Main St, Hosmer, SD, 57428

Phone: 605-283-2748

Hot Springs City Hall

303 N Riv St, Hot Springs, SD, 57735

Phone: 605-745-3135
Fax: 605-745-5180

Hoven City Hall

290 Main St, Hoven, SD, 57450

Phone: 605-948-2257
Fax: 605-948-2242
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About Town & City Halls

A city hall or town hall is the headquarters or chief administrative building of a city or town's administration and usually houses the city or town council, its associated departments and their employees including the mayor. City halls and town halls serve a critical role in hosting municipal offices and services, but they are also as symbols of local government, as they have distinctive architecture and some buildings may have great historical significance as they leave a visual legacy for the city they represent.

Town Hall Meetings 
The purpose of town hall meetings is for local and regional officials to hear the community's views on public issues. Attendees voice their opinions, present fresh ideas, air grievances; ask questions of the elected officials or political candidates at the town hall. 

Sometimes, the town hall meeting is televised or recorded. Some have explored alternative formats for town hall meetings, such as an “electronic town hall” to attract a larger audience when attendance is difficult.