Winchester County Recorder of Deeds

5 N Kent St, Winchester, VA, 22601

Phone: 540-667-5770
Fax: 540-667-6638
Category: Recorder of Deeds
State: Virginia

Recorder of Deeds is the government office tasked with maintaining public records and documents, especially records relating to real estate ownership that provide persons other than the owner of a property with real rights over that property.

The recorder of deeds is often an elected county office and is called the county recorder. In some U.S. states, the functions of a recorder of deeds are a responsibility of the county clerk (or the county's clerk of court), and the official may be called a clerk-recorder or recorder-clerk.

The recorder of deeds provides a single location in which records of real property rights are recorded and may be researched by interested parties. The record of deeds often maintains documents regularly recorded by the recorder of deeds, including deeds, mortgages, mechanic's liens, releases and plats, among others. 

The legal certainty provided by a title deed issued under the registration of the recorder of deeds is important to all parties who hold, or wish to acquire rights in real property. Each document recorded against title to real estate can be examined and the portion of the bundle of rights that it includes can be determined. These records can assist interested parties in researching the history of land and the chain of title for any property and purpose.